Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brimstone in Fire Interview 01.07.2012

I spent the holidays in Manila, Philippines, and got to hang with my buddy Ian, who was getting ready for his band Brimstone in Fire to play a big show in Davao City on the southern Filipino island of Mindanao. Ian invited me to join them, but unfortunately I had to be back in Malaysia before they were due to leave. I did tag along as the band recorded an EP for the show; it was pretty amazing to see a band actually record an entire EP live without any overdubs (besides the vocals). I'm not sure if that's been done since the days of Black Flag. On a break in the recording, I joined them for dinner and turned on my pesky Sony recorder.

[photos by Ian Cuevas]

Dreams of Consciousness: Do you want to start by introducing yourself and the instrument you play?

Mikah Azurin: I'm Mike, I play drums.