Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mixtape 20: Brimstone In Fire

Here is the 20th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Dondi Bunye of Filipino death metal OGs (and DoC faves) Brimstone in Fire.

This being the 20th installment of the podcast, I wanted something special to mark the occasion. As it happened, Brimstone In Fire were set to release their first full-length, Outside. I sat down with Don at Demiurge Digital Studios, where we talked about the development of the Filipino metal scene, the formation of Brimstone In Fire, and the band's history until now.

This is a special podcast for me, for many reasons. It was only after my interview with Brimstone In Fire at the beginning of 2012 that Dreams of Consciousness really started to take its present form. In addition to that, I'd been wanting to sit down with Don for a long time, to talk to him about the early days of the Filipino death metal scene - which, despite growing up in Manila, I was largely oblivious to until fairly recently.

I'd like to thank Don, Ian, Isa, Christian and Mikah for all the music and support (and friendship) over the years.

Smash your cage and fly outside...


Gouging Out The Eyes Of The Clairvoyant
Glimpse Of A Future
taken from the LIVE + EP

taken from the Filipino Alternative Collection compilation

Lords Of Misrule
Man Lives Once And Dies Forever
taken from the Brimstone In Fire/Pathogen split

War In My Thoughts
taken from the forthcoming album Outside

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