Monday, May 4, 2015

Mixtape 21: Mob 47

Here is the 21st installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Swedish hardcore legends Mob 47.

The interview was conducted outside Rumah Api, on the first date of the band's Asian/Australian tour. Jetlagged from their flight and having to cope with the Malaysian climate, they still took the time to talk with me until it was their turn to take the stage. The interview, like their music, is short and to the point. I asked them about the early days of the hardcore scene in Sweden, the development of their sound, and delved into some of their subject matter.

My thanks again to Chrille, Åke, and Johan for taking the time to talk with me. Special thanks to Ci Chaan for helping organize the interview. 

Mangel on!


Vägra Rösta
Kärnvapen Attack
Why Must They Die
Apocalyptic Report
Racist Regime
Rustning är ett Brott
Jag Hatar Ert System
Brutal Nedladdning
Animal Liberation
Deathrow/Innocent Victims/Maktmissbruk/Dom Ljuger

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