Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mixtape 14: Al Dimalanta of Dead Ends and Throw

Here is the 14th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Al Dimalanta of Filipino punk pioneers Dead Ends and Throw. We delve into the early days of the Filipino punk and hardcore scene, as well as Al's thoughts on the present scene.

The interview was coordinated by my buddy Ian from Brimstone in Fire. We recorded it at his studio in Makati while I was visiting the Philippines last week. Once again, my thanks to him for making it happen.

Also many thanks to Konspira Zine's Jep Peligro for his Shock&Awe article, which provided the lion's share of my research for this interview.


photo by Racine Anne Castro
Dead Ends - Nightmare
taken from the compilation Chosen (2003)

Dead Ends - Propaganda
Dead Ends - Insanity

taken from the album The Second Coming (1987)

Dead Ends - Same Shit
Dead Ends - Promises
taken from the album Damned Nation (1988)

Dead Ends - Pulis, Pulis
Dead Ends - Madaling Sabihin, Mahirap Gawin

taken from the album Mamatay sa Ingay (1995)

Throw - Showbiz Hardcore
Throw - Everything is Shit

taken from the album Throw (2002)

Throw - The News

taken from the album Unwavering (2008)

Throw - Eleksyon
taken from the album Believe (2010)

Throw - No Fucking Apologies

taken from the album Stand (2014)

Dead Ends - Dreamer

taken from the album The Second Coming (1987)

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