Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Friends, starring my Napalm Death hoodie [Vol. 2]

Just got back from Singapore, where I saw Opeth on the sole South East Asian date of their world tour (possibly the only time they've ever played South East Asia). While I'm working on that post, enjoy this little exchange that I had while going through Customs/Immigration:

Immigration Officer: Nice weather?
Me: [hoodie zipped to top] Actually, I'm drenched in sweat underneath this.
Immigration Officer: You like Napalm Death?
Me: Yeah! Actually, I was in Singapore to see a concert. Opeth played last night in Fort Canning Park.
Immigration Officer: [while stamping passport] Damn it! I knew it!

This made me laugh for two reasons: 1) Singaporean Immigration can be pretty stiff, so I never thought one of their officers might be a metalhead, and 2) I never expect to get into a discussion about metal while going through immigration, though apparently that's a worldwide phenomenon (go to 0:56):