Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Episode 123: Thetan

Here is episode 123 of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Dan Emery of Thetan and Anti-Corporate Music.

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When Nashville trio Sanctions lost their guitarist, their remaining members (bassist/vocalist Dan Emery and drummer Chad L'Plattenier) decided to reconfigure their sound and continue as Thetan, morphing into something faster, darker and gnarlier in the process.

I spoke with Dan Emery about the development of Thetan's style and their upcoming album Space Goretex, a full-length collaboration with hip hop legend Kool Kieth. I also asked Dan about the guiding principles of his label, Anti-Corporate Music, and the importance for artists to own the rights to their work.

My thanks to Dan for speaking with me, and to you for listening.


"Paradise Rejected"
taken from the album Abysmal

"Kool Keith x Thetan - Complicated Trip"
"Kool Keith x Thetan - Hallucinations"
taken from the album Space Goretex

"A Part Of Something Much Larger Than Ourselves"
taken from the album Laughed At By The Gods

"Killing the Sacred Cow"
taken from the album Welcome to Whine Country

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