Saturday, February 1, 2020

Episode 116: Bedtimemagic

Here is the 116th episode of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Nicholas Pentabona and Morgan Berns of Bedtimemagic.

[cover photo by Coleman Rogers]

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photo by Andrea Pentabona

Boston duo Bedtimemagic's music is as uniquely their own as the outfits they wear onstage. Their sound (which they refer to as "trash rock") revolves around Nicholas Pentabon's rumbling bass and Morgan Berns' frenetic drums, drawing comparisons to noise rock mainstays like Unsane, Man Is The Bastard, and Lightning Bolt.
I spoke to Nicholas and Morgan about how high fives led to the band forming, and their dog-centric visual aesthetic. We also discussed the recording of their first full-length album, Pillow Talk. It was a fun chat, and I enjoyed it immensely.

My thanks to Nicholas and Morgan for speaking with me, and to you for listening.


taken from the Fuck 'Em All split EP

"Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming (W.I.L.D.)"
"Endless Slumber"
taken from the Pillow Talk album

"Long Kiss Goodnight" Remix
remix by Kid Taco

"Waking Dream"
taken from the Extra Firm EP

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