Tuesday, January 23, 2024

311: Edley ODowd

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 311 features an interview with Edley ODowd.

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photo by Steven Uriegas

From NYC glam punks The Toilet Böys to the seminal industrial band Psychic TV, Edley ODowd has been involved in the underground for three decades without being tied to any particular scene. His latest project, Scorpion Tea, drags deathrock away from slick modern productions and back to its abrasive punk roots.

I spoke with Edley ODowd about how his desire to play music started with Kiss, as well as how his friendship with Genesis P-Orridge led to them resurrecting Psychic TV together. We also discussed how Scorpion Tea began with a friend recovering from knee surgery, and whether their self-titled debut is intentionally retro.

My thanks again to Edley for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

Edley ODowd: "ConstanceC.Craving"
taken from the album F(OUR)-WARD

Scorpion Tea: "Six Souls Afloat"
Scorpion Tea: "Clandestine Whispers"
Scorpion Tea: "Exacting Father"
taken from the album Scorpion Tea

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