Sunday, March 13, 2022

217: Wyatt E.

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 217 features an interview with Sebastien von Landau of Wyatt E.

[cover photo: Gil Chevigné]

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photo: Gil Chevigné
Belgian trio Wyatt E. create slow, atmospheric soundscapes with Middle Eastern overtones - an Orientalist counterpart to Earth's Southwestern twang. Their cinematic music conjures historical images without the use of lyrics, resulting in what guitarist/bassist Sebastien von Landau describes as "the soundtrack of a travel in the desert in between Jerusalem and Babylon in the 6th Century BC."

I spoke with Sebastien about how 15 years of jamming with his bandmate Stephane Rondia led to the creation of Wyatt E.'s sprawling, cinematic sound, as well as how the band's Middle Eastern melodies led Sebastien to explore his own cultural background. We also discussed Wyatt E.'s circuitous writing/recording process, and how that process resulted in their latest album āl bēlūti dārû.

My thanks to Sebastien for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

taken from the album Mount Sinai/Aswan

"Kol Badai" (with Tomer Damsky)
taken from JauneOrange Split Single #2

"Šarru Rabu" [edit]
taken from the upcoming album āl bēlūti dārû

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