Friday, February 4, 2022

Lovecraft Lager
[Weekly Mixtape: 2•04•2022]

KOSMOKRATOR • Swampbeast • Voidceremony • Colin Stetson • Excarnated Entity • Burial [ITA] • Devoid Of Thought • Gridfailure • Gorguts • Occulsed • Fossilization • Fabio Frizzi / Andrew Leman

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Colin Stetson (music) | Nick Gisburne (narrator): "Funeral"/"The Nameless City"
music taken from the "Hereditary" OST/narration from Nick Gisburne Youtube

taken from the album "Through Ruin Behold"

Swampbeast: "The Blind God"
taken from the album "Seven Evils Spawned Of Seven Heads"

Voidceremony: "Tenebrous Lucidity"
taken from the album "At The Periphery Of Human Realms"

Colin Stetson: "Reborn"
taken from the "Hereditary" OST

Excarnated Entity: "Split Visage"
taken from the album "Stillborn in Ash"

Burial [ITA]: "Halls Of The Formless Unraveler"
taken from the album "Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos"

Devoid Of Thought: "Four Cereulean Ways"
taken from the album "Outer World Graves"

Gridfailure: "Napalm At Zero Gravity"
taken from the Chrome Waves / Gridfailure split album

Gorguts: "The Art of Sombre Ecstasy"
taken from the album "Obscura"

Occulsed: "Concupiscence Of Frenzied Humors"
taken from the album "Crepitation Of Phlegethon"

Fossilization: "Exalted in the Altar of Insignificance"
taken from the Ritual Necromancy / Fossilization Split EP

Fabio Frizzi (music) | Andrew Leman (narrator) | H.P. Lovecraft (author): "Azathoth"
taken from the album "I Notturni Di Yuggoth"