Sunday, April 11, 2021

Episode 174: Iotunn

Here is Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 174, featuring Iotunn.

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Denmark's Iotunn combine elements of progressive and space rock with the grandiosity of modern black metal. Their music conjures images of other worlds in line with their progressive aspirations.

I spoke with guitarist Jens Nicolai Gräs about how Iotunn grew out of a love of classic prog, and why they decided to scrap their first album and focus on writing heavier music. We also discussed the writing and recording of their debut full-length Access All Worlds, and the larger cosmic questions that drive the band.

My thanks to Jens for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Given To Explore"
"The Wizard Falls"
taken from the EP The Wizard Falls

"Laihem's Golden Pits"
"The Tower of Cosmic Nihility"
"Access All Worlds"
taken from the album Access All Worlds

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