Sunday, January 12, 2020

Bandcamp Picks 188 - Porta Nigra, Umbra Conscientia, Ragnarok, Ainsoph

German trio Porta Nigra aren't particulary grim or frost-bitten, but they are adept at crafting engaging albums. Their third album Schöpfungswut integrates NWOBHM histrionics into driving and upbeat melodic black metal (a la Lord Belial or Necrophobic). Singing entirely German keeps the music authentically guttural. [€7]

A collaboration between members of Costa Rica's Corpse Garden and Germany's Dysangelium, Umbra Conscientia unites the blasphemous intentions of two disparate scenes. The project's first release Yellowing of the Lunar Conciousness is a no-frills assault, with only the first and last tracks providing a respite from its single-minded blast - though the occasional headbanging groove does slip through. One of 2019's sleepers. [€7]

A product of Norway's black metal explosion who missed the success of their peers, Ragnarok are nevertheless still at it, and still staying true to the principles of the second wave from which they emerged. There are no female vocals, shoegazing riffs or rock and roll parts to be found on Non Debellicata - just blistering speed and frostbitten riffs. Sometimes a story can be both old and told well. [$7.90]

Speaking of female vocals and shoegazing riffs, Dutch newcomers Ainsoph have no qualms about throwing as many different elements into their metal as needed. Ω - V runs the gamut from black, doom, and post punk, topped by singing that seems like it was teleported from a different, more indie friendly album. Ignoring the rules is the real blasphemy. [Name your price]