Friday, June 21, 2019

Mixtape 89 - Slave To The Grind

Here is the 89th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Doug Brown, director of the documentary Slave To The Grind: A Film About Grindcore.

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When I interviewed Richard Hoak of Total Fucking Destruction for my last podcast, he encouraged me to get in touch with Doug Brown, the director of the grindcore documentary Slave To The Grind. I've been hearing about the film for years; its trailers and kickstarter page made the social media rounds, generating tons of excitement from grindcore fans around the world. Since it's now available on DVD and for streaming/download, it made sense to reach out to Doug to find out about how this film came about.

I spoke to Doug about his background in the film industry, the genesis of the documentary, and the process of collecting interviews for Slave To The Grind. I also put him on the spot and asked him to settle what the greatest grindcore album of all time is.

My thanks to Doug for speaking to me, and to you for listening.


Repulsion - The Stench of Burning Death
taken from the album Horrified

Siege - Conform
taken from the album Drop Dead

SOB - Speed My Way
taken from the album Don't Be Swindle

Agathocles - Chronic Death
taken from the split EP To Exist Is To Resist

Carcass - Psychopathologist
taken from the album Reek of Putrefaction

Warsore - Don't Settle for Death Metal
taken from the album Violent Swing Discography

Total Fucking Destruction - World War 4
taken from the album #USA4TFD

Wormrot - Principle Of Puppet Warfare
taken from the album Dirge

Tools of the Trade - Suffocate
taken from the Tools Of The Trade/Busk split EP

Compulsion To Kill - Bloody Grind Bloody Gore
taken from the album Glorious By The Violence

Napalm Death - Siege Of Power
taken from the album Death By Manipulation

Napalm Death - Dead
taken from the album From Enslavement To Obliteration

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