Friday, December 28, 2018

Mixtape 73 - Organectomy

Here is the 73rd installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Christchurch, New Zealand-based death metal band Organectomy.

Perhaps the most well-known band that I spoke with during my trip to Wellington was Organectomy. They're well known to fans of slamming death metal around the world, thanks in part to the help of Unique Leader Records, who released their last album Domain of the Wretched.

I sat down with the band across the street from Valhalla, where they headlined the second night of the Symbiotic Metal Fest. We spoke about their history, the recording of the Domain of the Wretched, and the scene in Christchurch. Unfortunately, a particularly spirited wind interfered with my recorder throughout the conversation, making a lot of it unintelligible.

My thanks to Organectomy for speaking with me, to you for listening, and apologies to everyone for the shitty audio quality.


taken from the 2011 demo

Domain of the Wretched
taken from the album Domain of the Wretched

Accede to Temptation
taken from the album At the Mercy of The Devine

Fucking the Defiled (ft. Vin Minchington)
taken from the 2015 promo

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Domain of the Wretched through Unique Leader Bandcamp

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