Saturday, December 29, 2018

Mixtape 74 - Disemboweling The Limbless

Here is the 74th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Beau Barnes of Wanganui, New Zealand-based death metal band Disemboweling The Limbless.

Of the bands that played the second night of the Symbiotic Metal Fest, one that stood out to me was the slamming death metal outfit Disemboweling The Limbless. Their enthusiasm for the fest was infectious, and led to some of the more memorable conversations I had that night.

Since I knew very little about them or the city they hail from, I sat down with drummer Beau outside of Valhalla and asked him to tell me about his band and how he came to play drums. I also asked him about Wanganui, a city with a name that never stops being fun to say.

Since there isn't much recorded material for DTL to be found, I cut this interview together with audio from whatever live videos I could find. I'm grateful to the people who posted these, as well as to Beau for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

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Mixtape 73: