Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mixtape 12: Kevin Hufnagel of Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, and Vaura PART ONE

Here is the twelfth installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring part one of an interview with Kevin Hufnagel, the guitarist for Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, and Vaura (among others). I ran into Kevin while leaving the Red Bull Hardcore Activity in Progress event, when we were both waiting for the shuttle to take us from the venue back to the subway station. I've been listening to Gorguts since I was a teenager, so I asked him if he was interested in doing an interview. We met the following week at a coffee shop in Queens, and talked for over an hour.

In this first part of the interview, we discuss Kevin's musical background, the origins of Dysrhythmia, and how he ended up joining Gorguts, and the making of Colored Sands - my favourite album of 2013. Part two of this podcast will be up in a few days.


Gorguts - An Ocean of Wisdom
taken from the album Colored Sands

Dysrhythmia  - Catalog of Personal Faults

taken from the album Pretest

Grey Division Blue - Emily
taken from the Departure demo

Dysrhythmia -  Iron Cathedral
taken from the album Psychic Maps

Dysrhythmia  - Test of Submission
taken from the album Test Of Submission

Gorguts - Ember's Voice
taken from the album Colored Sands

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