Friday, July 4, 2014

Bandcamp Picks: Cannabis Corpse, Unfathomable Ruination, Desecration, Paroxysm

Cannabis Corpse are back (and, one presumes, high). From Wisdom to Baked is their newest stem-strewn love letter to classic Florida death metal. Though the album and song titles are obvious nods to Gorguts and Death's later albums, this is still the same meat and potatoes style of early Cannibal Corpse. The band's gimmick makes it easy for people to dismiss them as a joke band, but this is a solid death metal release - smartly written and expertly played. And c'mon, "Individual Pot Patterns"? POINTS! [$9.99]

Speaking of gimmicks... a lot has been made about Unfathomable Ruination's participation in a performance art piece to play in an airtight box until they run out of oxygen (because "art", or something). I suppose any time a band gets this kind of mainstream attention the haters come out in droves, but UR are one of the more impressive death metal bands out of the UK these days. Idiosyncratic Chaos is their newest two song single, and combines the band's mission statement of being "brutal and unrelenting" with some pretty impressive chops. My only complaint is the snare sound, which sounds like someone banging on a paint can. Or maybe the inside of a tiny metal cube. [£2]

One of my friends recently took to telling me, "I thought 'catchy' songs went against all that death metal stands for!" I've always contended death metal is at its best when it has both hooks and blastbeats, as in the case our recent SE Asian visitors Desecration. Cemetery Sickness is described by the band as "blistering and catchy death metal", and I can't think of a better way to put it. With songs like "Cunt Full of Maggots" and the occasional porn sample, I don't think we'll ever have to worry about Desecration getting too smart for their own good. [£7]

[Note: At this time only two songs are available for streaming on their bandcamp page, but having listened to the whole album through clandestine means, I can confirm that it's all very much consistent with those two. Also, hella good.]

I'll admit it - I love me some Canadian death metal, and was excited to discover Paroxysm. Voracité, their newest album (and third overall) is a hook-driven affair that does a good job of juggling melody, technicality and brutality. There are definite shades of countrymen Neuraxis, but Paroxysm never get as convoluted as their ADHD countrymen. The album is also available as a single track, if that appeals to you for some reason. [$7 CAD ]