Friday, June 27, 2014

Bandcamp Picks: Sun Worship, Paramnesia, Black Monolith, Suðri

Every time I think I'm done with Berlin's Sun Worship, they pull me back in. Deceptively simple, Elder Giants is black metal with a mind for the celestial, while still retaining the genre's intrinsic viciousness. Since it looks like Wolves in the Throne Room are going all 80's sci fi on us, anyone needing their fix can look to Sun Worship to pick up the slack (and then some). The 4 song album is available as a "name your price" download.

With two songs each lasting 20 minutes, Paramnesia aren't about making it simple. Despite the length, their eponymous EP is impeccably crafted and never feels like a chore; esoteric but not impenetrable, with lots of trebley fuzz for that second wave black metal flavour. The EP is available as a "name your price" download.

Coming from the Bay Area, I'm sure Black Monolith have had their fill of deafheaven comparisons. The similarities are hard to ignore, though: Passenger hammers away at the black metal template with shoegazey atmosphere, crusty hardcore and the occasional space rock moment. It's not as groundbreaking as what bands like Agalloch (and yes, deafheaven) have already done in a similar space, but it does make for a strong and enjoyable debut. [$5]

Is there a more perfect vessel for one man bands than depressive black metal? Chile's Suðri offers four tracks of mid-paced misanthropy with the occasional acoustic interlude on their newest EP Elend.  The inconsistent sound quality is in line with Suðri's basement (or more likely, laptop) origins, but the music is surprisingly nuanced - something that can't often be said about Chilean metal. [Free]