Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Atomicdeath Interview

It's long past time for an interview with one of my favourite local bands - ATOMICDEATH! I sent some questions to guitarist Pat, who was kind enough to answer.

Dreams of Consciousness: Please describe Atomicdeath without using standard words like "thrash", "punk", or "metal".

Atom. Death. Anti-war. Free Palestine. Destruction. Stud. Spike. Patch. Headbanging. Denim jacket. Boots. Sacrilege. Slayer. Sacrifice. Antisect. Axegrinder. S.D.S. Age. Effigy. Hellshock. 2 eating machines versus 1 handsome and 1 metal playboy! hahaha and we are proud to spread the "anti nazi action" in malaysia!!!!! never ever give them chance to spread the wings of racism!!!!!! We are the ATOMBRINGERS!!!!

DoC: When was Atomicdeath formed? What were your intentions for the band?

Atomicdeath was formed in October 2008. At that time there was no active band from our town, Shah Alam. And I was thinking of doing something good rather than wasting time hanging out on weekends talking nonsense til the morning. And my plan was to break the barrier between the punk and metal scenes. We are all brothers! We love to headbang on stage and let people headbang together no matter [whether they're] punks or metal heads!!! Together standing strong.... Atomicdeath is considered a thrash metal band...but we just have 3 metal show since our existance! hahahaha... The rest were punk shows..but we really enjoyed them! No problem at all... it's better play punk shows than play with some "metal nazi's"!

DoC: Atomicdeath's sound is a mix of d-beat hardcore and old school thrash metal. If you had to make a mixtape with 5 d-beat songs and 5 thrash songs, what would be they be?

Yeah! That's right! We blend d-beat/crust and thrash metal together and the result is Atomicdeath. Some said that we are just like 80's thrash metal bands like Slayer. But Slayer was not our main influence at the beginning. It's very tough and biased for me to name the best songs, because there are a lot I've been listening to. Okay, I'll name a few releases that inspired me for Atomicdeath:

1. Sacrilege -  "Behind The Realms Of Madness" & "Within The Prophecy"
2. Sodom - "Agent Orange"
3. Kreator - "Coma of Souls"
4. Darkness - "Armageddon"
5. Protector - "Golem"
6. Discharge - "Never Again"
7. Meanwhile - "Same Shit New Millenium"
8. Recharge - All
9. Slayer - "Reign in Blood"
10. Sacrifice - "Re-animation"

DoC: Last year, you undertook a short European tour with Apparatus - your first European tour. What was the response like? What was your best show? What was your worst?

Yeah! The European tour was blast. We had a great time. The show in Brno was the best. Playing in an abandoned train in Stuttgart is something that we never imagined, plus it was 10 or 12 degrees. It was raining when we got there. Fuck shit! I was wearing 2 jackets and was still bloody cold, man. Well, it seemed that people enjoyed our show and songs. Hopefully they liked us. We might pay a 2nd visit later. We have a good time with all people that we meet anywhere...meet new friends, new contacts, finished the band beers and we really have a good time there... we love vegetarian food too but sometimes we're hungry for meat!!! Hahahah... Kerry Kaufmann [guitars] loves spending money at metal record stores and he was really happy after reaching his "hometown" in germany!!! Hahahaha... touring is not only for music but it's all about friendship....

Atomicdeath in Prague, Czech Republic

DoC: What were the difficulties of undertaking a European tour? Any advice for other Malaysian/SE Asian bands who want to tour the region? 

I think it's just a matter of SPIRIT that made us to go to Europe!!! You can find money in many ways. You can arrange your time with the band for a few weeks travelling. Myself, I also sold some of my collection just to make sure that I can survive during the tour. Remydeen [drums[, left his wife after 5 days of their marriage to be with us. You can't imagine that. You leave everything in your daily [life] for a few weeks just for the sake of the band. Your band. If you want to do it, just make it happen. Stop complaining or condemning. Just take a chance. Maybe once in a life time. To my Malaysian friends that play in a band, PLEASE GET OUT OF THIS FUCKING COUNTRY. Make noise, make a lot of friends.

DoC: You just released a new 7" Re-atomation. How would you describe the two new songs? How do they compare with the music from Hellish Nuclear Destruction?

Re-atomation only contains 2 songs, that are totally different from previous recordings. The 2 songs a bit speedy and less punkish. Hahaha. but we still have a strong influence from Sacrilege ...!we have a good respons on our debut 7"...and now, 200copies was sold out from band and label... we plan to make a 2nd press!!thanks for your support... see u at concert!!!!

DoC: What would you say the difference is between the Atomicdeath who released Missile Massacre in 2009 and Atomicdeath now?

Well, I think we are getting more speed on the new songs but we never forget the punk/d-beat/crust that brought us together. Missile Massacre is a bit slow compared with our new songs. We became more aggressive, faster, more raw, hellish and bestial... never forget the roots... to headbang!!!!!

DoC: Pat, not only are you the guitarist of Atomicdeath, but you're also a live guitarist with Lavatory and you run your own distro. How do you find the time?

Hahahah...yeah, I'm just helping friends in Lavatory. When you do things that you like, you will never care about time. Even if sometimes it's a bit rushed, and [you have] a lot of things to do. I just want to keep myself busy and I'm happy with it. But since we got back from Europe tour, I keep my distro slow, chill time maybe and 2014 is the year for me to make it happen again.

DoC: How would you describe the current state of the Malaysian metal/hardcore scene? What do you think the future holds?

The scene is getting stronger with lots of new great bands, a lot of great releases too. Even I missed a few releases. Shit! I think we need to be open minded and be more welcoming to new bands rather than reunion/one sucks show/rockstar attitude kind of bands. I'm not into it. Your golden years were in the past. Please support new bands. Don't be such a jerk that you think you are TRUE. They are no TRUER to what-so-ever you claim. We are just humans that make our life more fun. You can put your TRUEness in your pocket, and we can have respectable relationship between the OLD and NEW generation. Fuck the gaps!

DoC: What's next for Atomicdeath?

We are now under stress mode. Meditation. hahaha. Still writing and practicing new songs for our debut album. We try to have the album ready by the end of the year. We will be playing in Hadko Grande Fest this 29th March. In the jungle man. Really exciting! Hope to see a lot of friends there. Thanks brother for the interview... we really appreaciate it.. if anyone missed the Re-Atomation 7"... please wait for the second press... will be out very soon!!!! Cheers!!! Contact us anytime... [we'll] surely reply!!!! No SASE needed!!!!

e-mail Atomicdeath: atomicdeathsquad[at]gmail.com