Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mixtape 8: Kylesa Interview

Here is the 8th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast. While Kylesa were in town on the Malaysian leg of their South East Asian tour, I was able to snag guitarist/vocalist Phillip Cope for an interview. Of particular note is an extended discussion about his days in Damad. One of the best interviews I've done, except the parts where you can hear the 3 cups of coffee I had right before. Thankfully, Phillip was patient enough to put up with my ADHD and rapid fire stammering.

Many thanks to Ci Chaan and Emi Norazalli for helping to organize this interview; and of course, for bringing Kylesa to KL in the first place.


Taken from the album Static Tensions 

Shatter the Clock
Taken from the album To Walk A Middle Course

Identity Defined
taken from the album Time Will Fuse Its Worth

To Forget
taken from the Violitionist Sessions EP

Damad - Landscape
taken from the album Burning Cold

Damad - One Word
taken from the Damad/Meatjack split CD

Low Tide
taken from the album Ultraviolet

Tired Climb
taken from the album Spiral Shadow

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