Saturday, August 6, 2011

How many Napalm Death shirts is too many Napalm Death shirts?

What do you get a man who owns 4 Napalm Death shirts? Why, 4 more Napalm Death shirts.

Big shout-out to Indie Merch Store, because I received the order within 3 days, and the prints all look fantastic. They're definitely going to get some repeat business from me, though I wish I put in a smaller order so I could have taken advantage of the 15% discount codes they sent me. Live and learn, I guess.

The hoodie especially looks and feels amazing; putting it on was like slow-dancing with a girl for the first time. Seriously, if this hoodie was a woman I'd marry her immediately.

I think if you asked the 15 year old version of me how he felt about having a Napalm shirt for every day of the week, his head would have exploded. Actually, his reaction probably would have been something like this.