Thursday, August 18, 2011

Break Thru Radio interview about metal and The Road Not Taken

I did an interview with my buddy Matt Lehtola for his radio program/podcast "In the Den." Matt's journey from teenage hesher to indie rock DJ is fascinating to me, as we're the same age and at one point in time were both listening to the same music; the way Matt tells it, he could've easily fit in with me and my friends as we stalked the hallways of our high school in black shirts and steel-toed boots. Yet at some point our musical journeys took very different turns; I figured it would make an interesting conversation to figure out when and why, a la Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken.

The interesting thing about this is we're still very similar; as a radio DJ, it's Matt's job to search out and document up and coming artists, which is something I myself try to do with this blog and my photography. So even though the genres switched, we're still living very parallel lives.

Listen to the podcast here.