Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have an executive producer credit on the latest episode of the Requiem Podcast, about Gothenberg's unsung heroes Eucharist. The band is mostly remembered as the debut of Daniel Erlandsson, brother of At the Gates' drummer Adrian Erlandsson (that the younger Erlandsson went on to play in Arch Enemy with Mike Amott and his younger brother Chris always struck me as strangely appropriate).

My experience with Eucharist goes back to 1997, when I read a fawning review about Mirrorworlds in Terrorizer magazine (my late teens/early twenties hesher bible). It was at the height of my Gothenberg death metal fixation, and during a period when I spent most of my money ordering albums from the obscure likes of Sacrilege, Ebony Tears, and Ceremonial Oath. Eucharist always stood out from the rest of the scene, with a sound that seemed closer to early At the Gates and Darkthrone with its mix of raw blackened power and off-time quirkiness. Eucharist's use of melody was never quite as twee as that of their townspeople, and the production of the albums seemed tailor-made to turn off all but the most discerning ears.

One of the reasons I became such a big booster of Requiem early on was the fact that Mark and Jason were big Eucharist fans, which is an exclusive club within an already niche scene. When I found out they were doing a whole show on Eucharist, I had to get my name attached to it. Check it out here.

Eucharist have most of their discography available for free at their website here.