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catching up with Narbeleth [2024]

Narbeleth were first featured on this site over a decade ago. Since then, founder/guitarist/vocalist Lord Dakkar relocated from Cuba to Spain, expanding Narbeleth from a solo project to a duo in the process. The band have kept busy, releasing a slew of albums through Germany's Folter Records, but never waivering from their no-frills style of black metal. Their sixth album A Pale Crown was released in January; I reached out to Lord Dakkar to bring me up to speed on what's new with the band.

DoC: It's been 2 years since our last Q+A - What have you been up to since then?

Hey there! As soon as SCNA was recorded, I began to compose new songs for what now is A Pale Crown. We also played some shows in Spain and Portugal.

DoC: In our last interview (conducted after Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana was released), you mentioned that you were already composing material for a new album. That album was recently released, titled A Pale Crown. How long did it take for you to finish writing these songs? What were your intentions for this release?

Exactly! I usually take the guitar and begin to play. When something I like comes up, I record it, and continue playing. If nothing comes in 20-30 minutes, I stop playing and leave it for another moment. So I can write a song in one hour, or 3 months. The 7 tracks of A Pale Crown were finished in approximately a year and a half.

DoC: The album sounds great, especially the drums. Did you record this album in your own rehearsal room/studio again? What is your recording set up? Who was responsible for mixing and mastering this release?

The drums were recorded at Moontower Studios, in Barcelona, from the hand of Javi FĂ©lez who is a very good friend and excellent engineer. He also did reamping for guitars and bass, mixing and mastering. The vocals and acoustic guitars were recorded in our rehearsal room. We have no special set up. We used the drum kit from the studio, and for guitar and bass, I guess he used Marshall and Ampeg. Javi is very skilled and accurate when capturing the idea of how do you want to sound like. I have no preferences when it comes to amps as long as the gain is powerful enough. In my case, for playing and rehearsing I use only an Orange Dark Terror; no effect pedals or so.

DoC: At this point, you've released 5 albums through Folter Records. Why has the relationship worked out so well? What would you say Narbeleth has in common with the rest of the artists on Folter Records?

We have a very good and cordial friendship. We have respect for each other and have good communication. That’s the foundation to build any good relationship.

DoC: Tell me about the lyrics for A Pale Crown - what themes and subject matters do you explore? What inspires you, lyrically?

I´m inspired by the myths, by the occult, by the night and the primeval connection of the human mind with the nature. Through these subjects, I also make my own experiences into the lyrics.

DoC: You covered a Satyricon song for this release, "The King of the Shadowthrone". Why did you choose that song to end the album?

Satyricon is one of the main influences when it comes to the Black Metal I like to play. I choose this particular one because I wanted one song that wasn’t so long and with English lyrics. So this was the perfect cover to do.

Dreams of Consciousness: Since our first interview in 2012, you relocated from Cuba to Galicia, Spain. What was the biggest change for you as a result of this move, in terms of creating and releasing music?

Everything! Even the most insignificant thing you can think of, is a noticeable change. From the easy access to instruments, rehearsal room and recording equipment, to the opportunities of playing in different places. So it is impossible to choose just one element, because all is related.

DoC: What's next for you?

Regarding A Pale Crown, the LP version will come out next month hopefully. We have also a couple of shows arranged in our area, and I´m of course, composing for the next album.

Thanks for the interview and support!!!

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