Sunday, October 22, 2023

298: Thetan

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 298 features an interview with Dan Emery of Thetan and Anti-Corporate Music.

[cover photo by Ericka Poore]

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photo by Riley Johnson

The last time Nashville's Thetan were featured on this podcast, they were about to release Space Goretex - a genre-fluid collaboration with Kool Keith that also featured members of Gwar and the Dwarves. Since then, the band has found new ways to push their gnarly style of bass-driven power violence to new places.

I spoke with Thetan vocalist/bassist Dan Emery about the way Space Goretex was received by Kool Keith's fans, as well as the duo's desire to buck against expectations. We also spoke about exploring new ground on their latest album Grand Ole Agony
, and why Dan chooses to record and release Thetan's music himself.
My thanks to Dan for speaking with me, and to you for listening.


"By My Own Hand"
"Put Out To Pasture"
taken from the album Abysmal

"Dim Times"
taken from the EP Dim Times

"Note To Self"
taken from the album Grand Ole Agony

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