Saturday, August 26, 2023

Mortem Obire [Weekly Mixtape 86]

Nuclear Remains • Rebaelliun • 3rd War Collapse • Dripping Decay
Fossilization • CrusHuman • Stench Collector • PRAY U PREY
Percussor • Necronomicon Ex Mortis • Exsanguination
Membrance • Snuffed on Sight • Blight House • Trocar

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Music On This Mixtape:

Nuclear Remains: "Subterraneal Breeding"
taken from the album "Dawn Of Eternal Suffering"

Rebaelliun: "In Heresy We Trust"
taken from the upcoming album "Under The Sign Of Rebellion"

3rd War Collapse: "Asphyxiating Tyranny"
taken from the album "Catastrophic Epicenter"

Dripping Decay: "Watching You Rot"
taken from the album "Festering Grotesqueries"

Fossilization: "Once Was God"
taken from the album "Leprous Daylight"

CrusHuman: "There Was Blood Everywhere"
taken from the single "There Was Blood Everywhere"

Stench Collector: "Daemon Rat Onanism"
taken from the Seep/Stench Collector Split 7

PRAY U PREY: "The Overlay Cracks"
taken from the album "The Omega Kill"

Percussor: "Gaslight Mania"
taken from the single "Gaslight Mania"

Necronomicon Ex Mortis: "Silver Bullet"
taken from the EP "Silver Bullet"

Exsanguination: "The Pleasure To End All Pleasures"
taken from the album "Burial Rites"

Membrance: "1348"
taken from the album "Undead Island"

Snuffed on Sight: "Repeat Offender"
taken from the album "Smoke"

Blight House: "Cryptid Cutie"
taken from the album "Blight The Way"

Trocar: "Wonders Cease"
taken from the Lipoma / Fluids / Trocar split "Dissertations"