Sunday, March 26, 2023

271: Sepolcral

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 271 features an interview with Daniele Tollon and Cristian Minin of Sepolcral.

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The roots of Sepolcral go back to the death metal gold rush of the Nineties. The Italian band was set to release their debut album Victims in 1996 when their label, Nosferatu Records, went belly up. Revived after a long hiatus, the band is writing and recording songs again, and their second album was recently released by Time To Kill Records.

I spoke with vocalist Daniele Tollon and guitarist Cristian Minin about the circumstances that led to Sepolcral reforming, and whether they still consider their style of death metal to be "experimental". We also discussed how their sophomore album Scourge compares to their original material, and why playing live is so important to them.

My thanks again to Daniele and Cristian for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

taken from the split album Reborn VI

"Interred Species"
taken from the album Scourge

"Constant Massacre"
taken from the album Victims

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