Monday, February 27, 2023

267: Nuclear Holocaust

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 267 features an interview with Radek "Overkiller" Grygiel of Nuclear Holocaust.

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Nuclear Holocaust are a Polish quartet who use the prospect of World War Three as inspiration for fast songs and dark humour. Their albums hearken back to an era when grindcore still retained the simplicity and sardonic wit of punk rock.

I spoke with drummer Radek "Overkiller" Grygiel about how he uses his drumming style to keep Nuclear Holocaust distinct from his other projects, and his own experiences interviewing bands. We also discussed whether he agrees that the latest Nuclear Holocaust album Sailing The Seas Of Nuclear Waste is crustier/punkier than previous releases, and why the band prefers to record their songs in the studio together.

My thanks again to Radek for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Nuclear Holocaust"
"Dwelling with the Dead"
taken from the album Mutant Inferno

"Doom of the Astrohogs"
"Pukelear Holocaust"
taken from the album Grinding Bombing Thrashing

"The End is Imminent"
"The Last Day of Serenity"
taken from the album Sailing The Seas Of Nuclear Waste

"Only Cockroaches Will Survive"
"Deathbringer of Death"
"Religious Mutation"
taken from the album Overkill Commando

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