Sunday, January 1, 2023

259: Alienatör

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 259 features an interview with Brad King of Alienatör.

[cover photo by Peter David Wragg]

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photo by Peter David Wragg

With doomy riffs and the occasional classic metal moment, Alienatör don't stick to the noise rock playbook. The Canadian group recently expanded from a duo to a power trio, and the change has made them heavier and more rhythmically punchy.

I spoke with guitarist/vocalist Brad King about why Alienatör sounded like a four-piece when they were a duo, and how the band has changed since bassist Sean Skillen and drummer Simon Paquette joined. We also discussed how a government grant helped fund their latest album, Regrets, and why he strives to be a positive voice out of the North.

My thanks to Brad for speaking with me, and to you for listening.


"Reptilian Endoskeleton"
"Drag The River"
taken from the album Pariahs

"The Priest"
taken from the album Regrets

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