Monday, December 19, 2022

257: Gridfailure

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 257 features an interview with Dave Brenner of Gridfailure.

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Gridfailure is the musical sobriquet of David Brenner, an underground music lifer who has worked in every aspect of the industry. Samples, loops, improvisation, and the discarded recordings of other contributors are all dropped in the project's sonic bouillabaisse - the aural equivalent of system decay and societal collapse.

I spoke with Dave about how he went from being a typical punk and metal fan to creating experimental music, and why Gridfailure is more like an art class than band pracice. We also discussed how catsitting for Megalophobe's Benjamin Levitt led to them working together, and stripping back layers to find the right sound for their latest collaboration, Harbinger Winds.

My thanks again to Dave for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Proximity Negativemantra"
taken from the album Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals

"Outlander Harvesters"
taken from the album Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery II

"This Dirge Requires A Murder"
"Burn Pits"
taken from the Gridfailure & Megalophobe collaboration Harbinger Winds

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