Sunday, July 31, 2022

237: Reeking Aura

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 237 features an interview with Rick Habeeb, William “Big Will” Smith, and Terrell Grannum of Reeking Aura.

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Comprised of several names familiar to this site (including members of Buckshot Facelift, Grey Skies Fallen, Thaetas, and Artificial Brain), it shouldn't be a surprise to hear NYC's Reeking Aura on the podcast. But their blend of early Nineties death metal is a natural fit for DoC, and would have got them an invitation to speak about their music even if they weren't guys I've known for years.

I spoke with vocalist William “Big Will” Smith, and guitarists Rick Habeeb and Terrell Grannum about why a hiatus for Buckshot Facelift led to Reeking Aura, and how the band makes use of their three guitarists. We also discussed how the addition of drummer Sam Shereck led to the evolution between the first Reeking Aura EP and their debut full-length Blood And Bonemeal, as well as why working with Profound Lore Records and Colin Marston was a natural choice for the band.

My thanks to Terrell, Rick, and Will for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Beneath the Canopy of Compost"
"Groaning Moss"
taken from the EP Beneath The Canopy Of Compost

"Pyramid-Shaped Plow The Caretaker"
"A Vegetative Mush that Melts Among the Shelves Lined with Meats of Indeterminate Origin"
"Harvesting the Hatchet"
taken from the album Blood And Bonemeal

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Blood And Bonemeal on CD [through Profound Lore Records]

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