Sunday, February 27, 2022

215: Dead Space Chamber Music

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 215 features an interview with Ellen Southern, Tom Bush, and Katie Murt of Dead Space Chamber Music.

[cover photo by Katie Murt]

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"Weird", "heavy", and "melancholic" is how UK quartet Dead Space Chamber Music characterize their music. Their pool of influences includes renaissance music, doom, dark ambient, and folk, resulting in what they describe as "medieval dance music".

I spoke with Dead Space Chamber Music vocalist Ellen Southern, guitarist Tom Bush, and drummer/percussionist Katie Murt about what brought them together, and how their backgrounds shaped DSCM's sound. We also discussed the amount of improvisation in their performances and recordings, as well as how the concept of their latest album The Black Hours reflected their experiences during Covid lockdowns.

My thanks to Ellen, Tom, and Katie for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Flow My Teares (I)"
taken from the album DSCM Early Demos

"Ocean Star"
taken from the compilation Undulating Waters

"Bryd One Brere (Bird on a Briar)"
"Mari Lwyd / Morfa’r Frenhines (Grey Mare / Queen’s Marsh)" [Radio Edit]
"The Pit / Dissolved in Ashes" [excerpt]
taken from the album The Black Hours

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