Sunday, December 12, 2021

206: Dormant Ordeal

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 206 features an interview with Maciek Nieścioruk of Dormant Ordeal.

[cover photo by Kamil Molendy]

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cover photo by Kamil Molendy
If you're looking for an example of how Polish death metal continues to evolve, I submit Krakow's Dormant Ordeal. The long-running trio don't scrimp on the speed or blastbeats that their scene is known for, but include plenty of discordance and eerie riffing that plants their sound in the new millenium.

I spoke with Dormant Ordeal guitarist/bassist/lyricist Maciek Nieścioruk about how the band went from drummer Radek's bedroom project to a full band, and how classical music informs his musical arrangements. We also talked about the writing and recording of Dormant Ordeal's latest album, The Grand Scheme Of Things, and the stories behind some of their enigmatic song titles.

My thanks to Maciek for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

taken from the album We Had It Coming

"Your Mother-Slave"
taken from the album It Rains, It Pours

"Poetry Doesn't Work on Whores"
"The Borders of Our Language Are Not The Borders of Our World"
taken from the album The Grand Scheme Of Things

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