Sunday, September 19, 2021

195: Thyrfing

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 195 features an interview with Patrik Lindgren of Thyrfing.

[cover photo by Jens Rydén]

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photo by  Jens Rydén
Emerging from the Nineties' black metal explosion, Sweden's Thyrfing has spent more than 20 years expanding their vision of folk-influenced black metal. Though they may have mixed feelings about being labeled "viking metal", the band has created one of the most successful marriages between Scandinavian mythology and the bombastic side of underground metal.

I spoke with Thyrfing guitarist Patrik Lindgren about the "big picture" mentality that shaped the band, and the circumstances that led to Naglfar's Jens Rydén becoming Thyrfing's frontman. We also discussed the recording of their latest album, Vanagandr, and why the band made the decision to write all their lyrics in Swedish.

My thanks to Patrik for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"En sista litania"
taken from the album Hels Vite

"Veners förfall"
taken from the album De Ödeslösa

"Undergångens länkar"
taken from the album Vanagandr

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