Sunday, February 28, 2021

Episode 168: Myopic & At The Graves

Here is Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 168, featuring an interview with Myopic and At The Graves.

[cover photo by Ben Price]

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photo by Ben Price

Washington D.C.'s Myopic play discordant black/death metal with a progressive mindset; Baltimore-based solo project At The Graves play slow heavy music with a strong shoegaze influence. But these seemingly disparate approaches didn't stop the two bands from embarking on a full-length collaboration.

I spoke with the members of Myopic (bassist/vocalist Nick Leonard, guitarist/vocalist Sean Simmons, and drummer Michael Brown) and At The Graves (multi-instrumental Ben Price) about their individual histories, and the details behind their upcoming joint album A Cold Sweat Of Quiet Dread. We also discussed the future of their collaboration.

My thanks to the guys from Myopic and At The Graves for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.


At The Graves - "Depression/Suppression"
taken from the EP Lower

Myopic - "Resting Place"
taken from the album Myopic

Myopic & At The Graves - "Through Veins of Shared Blood"
Myopic & At The Graves - "Oppressive Ruminations"
taken from the album A Cold Sweat Of Quiet Dread

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