Sunday, March 29, 2020

Bandcamp Picks: Mortuous, Nerve Saw, Nekrovault, Nite

Following up a well-regarded debut and last year's enjoyable (though brief) split with Deformed, Mortuous seem to have a bright future ahead of what better time than now to revisit their dark and grimy origins? The first of two hard to find demos, Among the Lost is bestowed with a guitar tone so gnarly it would singe Tomas Skogsberg's eyebrows, displaying a deep love of Swedish death metal as well as an understanding of the dynamics that gave it staying power. Lo fi and trebly, its predecessor Mors Immortalis showed that the band had songcraft long before they had a proper recording budget. [$10]

Finland's Nerve Saw have a list of regional biases and are checking it twice. Armed with a recognizably Scandinavian guitar tone, their debut Peril conflates power violence, death 'n roll and Scandinavian hardcore, turning in a strutting album full of big chunky grooves and minor chord riffs.  [€6.99 EUR]

There's no denying that German band Nekrovault hold Earache's early releases in high regard. Totenzug: Festering Peregrination rumbles like early Bolt Thrower and Carcass before giving in to some shameless goth-rocking on album closer "Erimitorium", which channels the Sisters of Mercy without losing a (blast) beat. This is far from the generic old school rehash that the band's name suggests. [ €6]

San Francisco's Nite appreciably avoids the quasi-cock rock "Hot For Teacher" riffing that has come to characterize American "black n roll". Instead, Darkness Silence Mirror Flame opts for a mid-paced galloping approach that recalls Judas Priest during their Eighties arena era. Harley Davidson and helmet not included. [$10]