Sunday, December 29, 2019

Episode 112 - Jarboe

Here is the 112th episode of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Jarboe.

[Cover photo by La Salle]

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As a solo artist, Jarbole has touched on just about every genre - her varied discography weaves through jazz, rock, noise, and electronica. And during her time with Swans, she helped redefine what heavy music was capable of.

This podcast is unusual, in the sense that I never corresponded with Jarboe directly. I sent my questions via e-mail to her webmaster Moselle, and Jarboe recorded her answers. She spoke about her last solo album The Cut of the Warrior, her upcoming album Illusory, and her collaborations with the likes of Neurosis, Justin Broadrick and Byla.

My thanks to Jarboe for taking the time to do this, and to you for listening.


Jarboe - Wayfaring Stranger in The Bardo
taken from the album The Cut of the Warrior

Byla+Jarboe - 3
taken from the album Viscera

Neurosis & Jarboe - In Harm's Way
taken from the album Neurosis & Jarboe

Swans - Children of God
taken from the album Children of God

Skin - Blood On Your Hands
taken from the album Blood, Women, Roses

The Living Jarboe

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