Saturday, August 31, 2019

Programming Note

You've probably noticed some changes to the format and content of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast. Starting with the Richard Hoak episode, I've been conducting my interviews over the internet instead of in person; this means that I'm able to get "guests" whose music I've been listening to for years (in some cases, decades) without having to wait for them to tour through South East Asia.

For subscribers to the podcast, I'll be adding bonus episodes from time to time. I won't be promoting them through social media; they'll just be uploaded without warning whenever I have the time and extra content that warrants a listen (but not an episode number).

If that sounds appealing (or you just want to support the podcast), you can subscribe through Apple Podcasts (IOS) or Stitcher Radio (Android/IOS).

My thanks to everyone who has supported the podcast through the years. I have some big guests planned for upcoming episodes, and hope you'll enjoy them.