Sunday, July 7, 2019

Bandcamp Picks - VHS, Sekkusu, Lord Gore, Vault Dweller

Like the best horror movie monsters, you can't keep DoC faves VHS down for long. We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs is their third album, and this time the Canadian trio pay tribute to cinema's scariest sea creatures with short thrashy songs chock full of Eighties' metal shredding. As with the B-movies they love, VHS will never be mistaken for high art, but stick to giving fans of the genre what they want. [$6.66]

After a trio of ultra-filthy and raw EPs, Detroit's Sekkusu waste no time with their first full-length. The punky grind of Satyrömania recalls the reckless abandon of Brutal Truth at their most hardcore influenced, rarely exceeding the three minute mark through its ten tracks. [$6.66]

When Portland's Lord Gore first emerged 20 years ago, their style was decidedly out of fashion; luckily for them, fashion goes in cycles, and old school death metal is now more popular than it has ever been. The double disc Resickened Orgy compiles and repackages their first two albums, showing the band was both behind the times and ahead of it with their blend of Autopsy and Carcass. This is everything you need to to get up to speed with the band before their first album in 15 years emerges this August. [$9.99]

Texas band Vault Dweller are a lot more interesting than their logo and cover art would lead you to believe. Their second EP Existence At A Distance tweaks the death/grind formula with unpredictable time changes, keeping the pace unrelenting and the listener guessing. Comparisons to  fellow Texans Assuck and Insect Warfare do Vault Dweller no favours - this is no straightforward blastfest, but a clever take on an often limited genre. [$5.55]