Sunday, October 21, 2018

Mixtape 66 - Scrotal Vice

Here is the 66th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Extreme Post Op Power Grind band, Scrotal Vice.

True story: I spent more than 20 minutes staring at Scrotal Vice's logo before I managed to decipher the band's name. [Blame warm weather and a lot of loose skin.] Their logo isn't the only thing baffling about the band; though originating from Sydney, Australia, the band has members living in Asia who are fluent enough in Mandarin and Japanese to cut promos.

In an interview reminiscent of the one I conducted with thrashing cannibals Ghoul, I sat down with Scrotal Vice at the very end of their South East Asian tour to discuss their history, their reasons for wearing masks, and what it's like to tour China.

Their set that night at Rumah Api was wild - possibly the craziest one I've ever seen. Wary that local authorities may be reading this, all I'll say is that the band let it all hang out and leave it at that.

My thanks to the members of Scrotal Vice for speaking to me with their masks off and pants on, and to you for listening.


taken from the album A List of Some of the Things I Have Touched In the Past Couple of Days


taken from the EP Scrot Rot

Another Year in the Mating Season
Cleer Skull Shampeeling 
taken from the compilation TENTACLES - Grind and Other Punk from East Asia and Australia

Meatswine Flu 
Open Mouth - Part ii
taken from the EP Humanimal

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