Friday, October 26, 2018

Bandcamp Picks - The Order of Apollyon, Treasonist, Archaeobeast, Pink Mass

  France has one of the more interesting black metal scenes in the world, and The Order Of Apollyon may be one of its more overlooked representatives. On their third album Moriah, the band follows a path hewn by fellow Gallic black metal acts like Temple of Baal and Aosoth (with whom TOOA share members), blending death and black metal in the pursuit of a more heavier and more grandiose sound. It's not quite as adventurous as some other recent French black metal albums, but in its own idiosyncratic way makes a memorable dish out of very common ingredients. [$2.90]

Death and grind go together like cheese and wine for Oregonians Treasonist. Their self-titled debut combines jackhammer speed and brutal grooves, occasionally flexing their technical chops with some tasty Origin-style sweeps. A band we'll be hearing more from soon, hopefully. [$5.55]

With cover art in the style of a cassette demo, there's no doubting Archaeobeast's commitment to living in the past. Not content to just revisit the old school, Manifesting The Antichrist sneaks back into class to fastidiously etch the logos of Immolation, Massacre, and Autopsy unto a chair desk. A fawning tribute to death metal's early years. [$4.44]

Masked New Jersey degenerates Pink Mass have outdone themselves with their latest slice of sleaze. Despite its tongue in (ahem) cheek presentation, there's nothing particularly fun or humorous about Necrosexual, which provides a pan-grind/thrash/hardcore punk soundtrack to its tales of sexual debauchery. Stock up on hand sanitizer. [$6.66]