Sunday, May 6, 2018

Bandcamp Picks - Advent of Bedlam, Abyssal/Carcinoma, Voidthrone, Our Place of Worship is Silence

Storming out of Costa Rica, ADVENT OF BEDLAM represent a quadrant of the metal map that's often overlooked - and criminally so, if this album is indicative of that scene as a whole.  Supremely assured in its approach and flawless in its execution, Human Portal Phenomenon is a high-water mark for blackened death metal, combining dissonance and unrelenting brutality with a musical acumen reminiscent of Emperor at their swaggering peak.  This smokes 90% of the releases currently coming out of Europe and the US - don't miss out. [$6.66]

DoC faves Abyssal have finally returned with their first new batch of songs since 2015.  Apanthropinization, a split release courtesy of Goatprayer Records, features 4 new Abyssal compositions that showcase the band's claustrophobic and psychedelia-tinged sound.  Fellow Brits Carcinoma kick off the split, and hold their own with four songs that are as heavy and unyielding as an invading tank battalion.  The future looks bright for total fucking darkness. [£6 GBP]

Add Seattle's Voidthrone to the growing field of dissonant blackened death metal bands.  Kur keeps the listener on edge, transitioning between atonal blasting and creeping atmospherics, finding the dread in both calm and storm.  Anyone growing impatient waiting for Mitochondrion's return should find their appetites sufficiently sated here. [$3]

Originally an off-shoot of DoC friends Teeth, Our Place of Worship is Silence has quickly established itself as a separate and distinct entity.  Their sophomore release With Inexorable Suffering sees the L.A. band (now stripped to a duo) putting a new emphasis on confounding rhythms, avoiding the trap of monotony and oversimplification that affects most two-pieces.  Their inclusion on the Translation Loss roster should be taken as a sign that they're a cu(l)t above the rest. [$10]