Monday, April 9, 2018

Bandcamp Picks - The Crown, Demonical, Synapse Misfire, VHS

It is with no small amount of pleasure (and relief) that I declare that not only is there a new album from The Crown, but it doesn't suck. Few bands are as successful at crafting death metal that's catchy and fun without sacrificing its fundamental brutality - Cobra Speed Venom is at once thrashy, black, and rocking. It's not quite as good as Deathrace King or Crowned in Terror (two of the best death metal albums ever released); and I miss drummer/founder Janne Saarenpää's reckless blastbeats. Still, as a reminder of why the Crown were such a force at the turn of the millennium, this album acquits itself nicely. Bow down and hail your king. [$9.99]

A new singer isn't the only change afoot for Demonical. In addition to the old school Swedeath this band made their bones with, Chaos Manifesto is peppered with melodic mid-paced stompers akin to Amon Amarth. Anyone following the left hand path long enough should have seen this coming. [$7.90]

Formed by members of Helmsplitter and Waco Jesus, Synapse Misfire are underground lifers in the service of death. Their debut release Losing The War Against The Sands Of Time delivers a mix black, thrash, grind and death metal with ruthless efficiency. A band that never overstays a genre or their welcome. [$6.66]

Get the popcorn ready, as DoC friends VHS have released their much-teased second full-length. The New Batch is a celebration of low-budget horror and no-frills death metal, with 16 pithy tracks that hit and split with all the fun and brevity of a good horror anthology. Grind and rewind. [$7 CAD]