Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bandcamp Picks - Greber, Vile Creature, Leechfeast, Hundred Year Old Man

DoC's new friends Greber forgo guitar histrionics, limiting their grind/doom assault to just bass, drums and vocals. Surprisingly full-sounding despite its minimalist approach, Cemetery Preston at turns punches you in the throat with full on speed and blankets you with sub-sonic rumbling. Bass to break faces. [$9.99 CAD]

Also based out of Ontario, Vile Creature are another duo making a hellacious racket. Over the course of its four trudging tracks, Cast of Static and Smoke punishes the listener with thicker-than-molasses riffs and throat-ruining howls, while the lyrics paint a bleak picture of machines overrunning humanity. Baptized in a river of metallic sludge. [$6 CAD]

Slovenians Leechfeast have been plying their trade under the radars of most people (okay, me) for almost a decade. Neon Crosses, a co-release between 3 labels, veers from hateful sludge to mournful funeral doom and back again, with each oppressive chord landing like an anvil falling off a slow-moving truck. Kings of anti-speed. [£4]

Leeds band Hundred Year Old Man have been slowly building momentum with a succession of EPs. Their newest, Rei, combines simple riffs with atmospheric interludes to arrive at a Will Haven/Cult of Luna style of catchy doomgaze. With extensive drone and noise sections, their partnership with the similarly experimental Gizeh Records makes perfect sense. The EP is available as a "name your price" download.