Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Magrudergrind on VEEP

In the most recent episode of HBO's Veep, there was a scene depicting "this extreme metal band playing over at Labyrinth's...real fucked up noise.  They don't even have a name."  Immediately after the episode, I spent a few hours trying to find out who the actual band was, to no avail (though that search inadvertently led to me discovering Cuban Metal, the Havana KVLT)

Well, turns out the band was Magrudergrind, who are no strangers to piggybacking off of corporate America. Check out their star turn, courtesy of Metal Injection.

Two thoughts:
1) "...like being operated on by a chimp with a hard-on and a hacksaw" should be a blurb on the next Magrudergrind album;
2) I still have to defer to good ol' Napalm Death when it comes to infiltrating the mainstream, usually in the most unexpected ways.