Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bonded by Earbuds

Ben Fowlkes, whose writing has inspired more than a few of my blog posts, has a new podcast about MMA called Co-Main Event.  Fowlkes is the best journo covering the sport of beating another guy up, and having his wit and analysis available in podcast form is very welcome.  Check it out here.

Of course, the best podcast in the world is still Requiem, and they've just released part two of a two-part show on In Flames, executive-produced by my good buddy Eric Chun.  Check that out here and here.  Hopefully they have answers as to how a band that were so brilliant and innovative early on dwindled into sub-nu metal dreck. Maybe it's whatever Anders is rubbing into his dreadlocks.

Also: Illustrator Mark Rudolph, one half of the Requiem team (the other being Jason Hundey) has a very cool new limited edition print, based on the cover of Napalm Death's epic From Enslavement to Obliteration.  If I was still living in the States, I'd definitely snap up a couple for myself.  Too awesome.  Grab yours here and tell Mark the Wizard of Awesome sent you.