Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekdays with Digby 2

Dig's Facebook page is the gift that keeps on giving. He posted a December Wolves song with this pouting tag:

Earache did 2 albums by these in 1998. Nobody cared much. Brian (guitar) later formed Trap Them. 

For the record, I did buy the first December Wolves album...used, for about $5, but still. They were an odd band, but definitely worth checking out. I think they were hurt by the stigma against USBM at the time (most of the black metal bands coming out Stateside in the 90's were either musically inept or spouting some kind of Nazi ideology). On the plus side, they were signed to Wicked World, the Earache subsidiary that also had Berzerker and Decapitated, which seemed to signify Dig's recommitment to extreme metal (and the end of his torrid 90's love affair with terrible, terrible house music). Anyways, good to know that those guys are still around as Trap Them, and that Trap Them actually have some solid metal cred.