Wednesday, April 10, 2024

322: Iron Monkey

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 322 features an interview with Jim Rushby of Iron Monkey.

[cover photo by Kat Hickey]

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They may be considered seminal now, but Iron Monkey's early releases were originally met with indifference. As a result, the band was put on hold soon after their debut full-length Our Problem; vocalist Johhny Morrow's sudden passing in 2002 seemed to end Iron Monkey for good. Resurrected in 2016 and currently led by guitarist Jim Rushby, Iron Monkey 2.0 continues where its previous incarnation left off.

I spoke with Jim Rushby about whether Iron Monkey intended their music to be confrontational, and who he saw as their peers in the Nineties. We also discussed working with Pitch Shifter guitarist Johnny Carter on the latest Iron Monkey album Spleen & Goad, and why Iron Monkey are more popular now than during their initial run.

My thanks again to Jim for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"2 Golden Rules"
taken from the album Our Problem

"Big Loader"
taken from the album Iron Monkey

"Rat Flag"
"The Gurges"
taken from the album Spleen & Goad

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