Monday, March 25, 2024

320: Apparition

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 320 features an interview with Miles McIntosh of Apparition.

[cover photo by Charles Doan]

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photo by Charles Doan

Apparition are part of a new crop of death metal bands that take inspiration from the genre's fetid past without getting bogged down in revivalist plagiarism. The LA quartet make the most of their varied musical backgrounds by adding just the right amount of weirdness to their doomy, atmospheric death.

I spoke with guitarist Miles McIntosh about how Apparition grew out of his friendship with drummer/vocalist Andrew Morgan, and how much of their jazz/improvisational background pops up in Apparition's music. We also discussed why the band wanted to do "more of everything" on their second album Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State, and getting Michael Mull of Wax People to add bass clarinet on the recording.

My thanks again to Miles for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Drowning In The Stream Of Consciousness"
taken from the album Feel

taken from the album Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State

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Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State on vinyl [through Profound Lore/Merchtable]

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