Tuesday, February 27, 2024

316: Tommy Meehan

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 316 features an interview with Tommy Meehan.

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From his work with The Manx and Chum Out, to his current stint with Gwar, Tommy Meehan has always been involved with bands that incorporated costumes in their performances. His newest project Squid Pissers features Meehan and his bandmates playing a chaotic style of hardcore/grind while decked out as glammed out space monsters.

I spoke with Tommy Meehan about his work as a composer for Cartoon Network, before our conversation took an unexpected digression into the later albums by Silverchair. We also discussed why he's drawn to bands with a strong visual element, and how he assembled the artists who drew comics for the latest Squid Pisser album Vaporize A Tadpole.

My thanks again to Tommy for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

CANCER CHRIST: "Make Them All Dead"
taken from the album God is Violence

Chum Out!: "We're Gonna Fuck Your Eyeballs"
taken from the album Death Orb

Squid Pisser: "Liquified Remains"
Squid Pisser: "My Tadpole Legion" (feat. Yako of Melt-Banana)
Squid Pisser: "Vaporize A Neighbor"
taken from the album Vaporize A Tadpole




Tommy Meehan on IG

Squid Pisser on IG

Squid Pisser on IG

Sweatband Records on Bandcamp

Vaporize A Neighbor (EP & Comic Book Set) on Bandcamp [through Skin Graft Records]

Vaporize A Tadpole on Bandcamp [through Skin Graft Records]

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